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Erin Says...


Posted on March 15, 2019 at 12:30 AM


This month makes 5 years that Wallace has been servicing your potties, whether indoor or out!:lol:

I thought I might share a little progress report with you guys.

Unfortunately, we may soon be the ONLY toilet provider based in St. Mary Parish.

Growth and evoloution is a necessary thing for the health of our Parish.

Leland and I established our LLC in March of 2014. We started with one homemade pump truck and 10 used potties. 

To date we have 112 Toilets, 10 Hand Wash units, and 5 Holding Tanks in our fleet. 

As of 2018, Toilet Rentals consists of 66% of our income. That's a huge increase from the 18%

in 2014.

To aid in this influx of toilet rentals, Leland built a toilet trailer which allows us to haul

up to 8 toilets and 8 handwash units in one trip! Leland is currently building a second pump truck. This truck 

will help to prevent down time due to truck repairs. It will also serve as a second 

service truck during large events and when the time comes to add another operator to our team. 

We are looking for property so we may finally move our office out of our home in Morgan City. Being able 

to have the office and toilet storage on the same property has been just a dream! 

Due to issues with finding and keeping a local waste disposal location, we are researching 

our options regarding treatment facilities of our own. Currently we are transporting waste out

of St. Mary. This helps the Parish zero, and adds costs for us. In order to ensure the longevity of our

rates and business, local disposal/treatment options are paramount.

It is because of our fabulously loyal customers that we have experienced such growth

these last 5 years. Leland and I appreciate all of you very much! 

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