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Say No-No to office pests!

Posted on July 26, 2016 at 10:40 AM

Things you should never do if you want a clean-pest free office!

No i'm not talking about co-workers, you're stuck with them. I'm talking about the creepy crawly kind.

Some folks get so grossed out at the fact that I clean toilets for a living. I tell them I love it because toilets don't talk back! HA

But really folks, the toilet bowl is the least of your worries. Your desktop is much worse. One of the reasons for that is due to pest visitors!

DO NOT EAT AT YOUR DESK.  I can't tell you how many times i've discovered rodent or insect droppings on a desktop, on a keyboard, on top your paperwork. Those crumbs drop inside your keyboard and make a good snack for critters. Blow your keyboard out regularly with compressed air.

DON'T THROW FOOD, DRINK, OR DIP CONTAINERS IN YOUR OFFICE TRASH. Bring these items to the kitchen, rinse them, then throw.

DON'T LEAVE CUPS OUT WITH DRINK STILL INSIDE. When you're done drinking, rinse your cup out. 

DON'T LEAVE CREAM AND SUGAR OPEN. If you leave your cream and sugar containers open, don't be surprised if you find ants or a visitor inside the container one day! And you have no idea what crawls on the top looking for morsels. ARE YOU GROSSED OUT YET?

DON'T LEAVE CLEAN DISHES OUT. I have seen droppings in clean dish drainers. If you put away clean dishes regularly they will stay clean. If you don't have upper cabinet storage, get a tupperware container with a lid and store below the sink. You could even store them in the refrigerator if you what them absolutely clean and you don't mind cold dishes.

SPRAY REGULARLY. If your facility doesn't have a pesticide service you can buy your own private stash of it and spray your office entrance and around the walls. Just make sure you do it after your janitorial crew has mopped for the week. Don't forget the corners of the room if your office is prone to spiders.

NO CELLULOSE SPONGES. How many offices i've seen with black, slimy kitchen sponges. This attracts gnats and pests you want to eat food morsels left on the sponge. If you have to use a sponge, don't buy cellulose. Thats the kind with the big holes. Go to the dollar store and pay 1.00 for 6-10 foam type sponges. These dry more completely and won't sour unless you leave them swimming in water. 

Follow these tips and I promise you'll see less and less of creepy crawlers.

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