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simple, flat rate hidden fees!

All of our rentals and services have a low flat rate. We do not prorate our rentals. 

Monthly rate (8 to 28 days)

Weekend rate (1 to 7 days).

We service up to a 30 mile radius for the same low local rate.

(Morgan City, Amelia, Gibson, Berwick, Patterson, Franklin, Baldwin, Thibodaux and Gray)

We service up to 50 miles out at increased rates.

We service up to 70 miles out at increased rates, and a delivery fee may be added.

Delivery Fees:  Because we do not prorate, we do not charge delivery fees on any deliveries less than 50 miles away.

 **Unless of course you call last minute and demand same day service making us travel off route to accommodate you due to poor planning................................ so don't do that! :)

Our services

Because...."shit happens"!

Portable Toilet Rentals

We have Polyportables Axxis Standard units and ADA units. We carry mostly gray and orange. We do have a couple LSU/Mardi Gras colored units. Since we are still a pretty young company, est. 2014, most of our units are new and spotless.

We treat the units regularly for urine build up, carbon black and grease, and algea. 

Lifting Frames with Certified Slings

We offer lifting frames with certified slings attached at an additional flat monthly rate.

Portable Hand Wash Stations

These units are 2 sided and are operated by foot pedal. No water supply is needed. On board fresh and dirty water tanks. Soap, paper towels and water are all included in the rental rate.

Holding Tank Rental

We also offer rentals on 250 Gallon Septic Holding Tanks. Typically used for portable office trailers without sewer access.

Septic Waste Removal

We offer residential and commercial septic pumping. There is a flat rate per gallon of waste. 

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