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Wallace Sanitation Services was founded in 2014. We are a first generation Portable Toilet Rental and Sewage Pumping Service. My husband Leland "Wallace" Harrison started our business after working in a local Shipyard for 15 years. There was a need in St. Mary Parish for a cleaner, more affordable product, so we took advantage of it. My name is Erin Harrison and I worked as a secretary in the oilfield for 10 years. When Leland shared his desire to start his own company, I quit work and started building our brand online and became office manager.  We jumped in head first, sold his boat, and used the seed money to buy 10 used toilets and a used Ford F450. Leland designed and built the sewage tank and the pumping components.

Slow and steady growth has been the trick for us through a couple recessions and a pandemic. We almost lost it all in March 2019 when Leland was hit head on and totaled our pump truck. Fortunate for us Leland had started building a 2nd pump truck. He suffered 3rd degree burns to his hand, but that didn't stop him from coming home and getting our 2nd truck ready with the help of a couple of our wonderful friends. Two days later he was back on the road driving the truck and I was servicing toilets until his hand healed. 

Fast forward to today, we have 2 pump trucks, 2 toilet haulers, and 135 units. We are still working out of our home office. We have purchased a 6 acre lot locally that will be the future home of Wallace Sanitation. 

It is all thanks to sheer determination and the help of our faithful customers that we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in March 2024. 

Who is Wallace?



It is our mission at Wallace to keep providing clean & affordable toilets, and dependable service for years to come.



It is me and Leland's dream to build a generational business for our son Noah "Wallace" Harrison. We hope to spark that entrepreneurial spirit in Noah so he can experience the American Dream.

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